Consultation Services

Dr. Rorer sees psychotherapists, counselors, students, community organizations, and helping professionals for consultation. She provides consults in person, by phone, and via online video chat. Consultations start at 30:00 minute sessions.


Consultation may include:

  • Workshops/Seminars/Presentations/Lecture Series/Motivational Speaking

    • Topics: mental health awareness, fatherhood, relationships, intimacy, self-care, communication, parenting, and empowerment

  • Thesis/Dissertation Assistance

    • Topics related to fatherhood, parent-child relationships, family, and attachment


  • Building a private practice based on your vision and clinical specialty

    • Navigating complex systems in managed care/behavioral health

  • Clinical skill building

  • Case conceptualization​​


  • Professional Development



Contact Dr. Rorer for an appointment at (770) 742-8842 or email