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 My name is Dr. Alisha Rorer and I am glad you are here!

Rorer Psychotherapy & Consulting Services provides individual, couple, family, and group therapy as well as consultation services to psychotherapists, students, community organizations, and helping professionals.

I work with couples who are struggling with communicating and feeling heard, having difficulty with trust, ineffective with resolving conflict, and experiencing challenges with intimacy. I also work with individuals who are struggling with patterns of unhealthy relationships and trouble managing stressors. I help families who have conflict and communication issues and fathers facing barriers with developing a healthy relationship with their children. As a consultant, I offer interactive workshops, seminars, research projects, and speaking engagements for topics related to mental health, pre-marital relationships, parenting, fatherhood, and self-care.

You are one step closer to restoring your relationships and establishing a deeper connection, overcoming life's obstacles and achieving your goals, renewing your mind and gaining control over your thoughts, empowering yourself and improving your self-esteem, and recovering and healing from the pain of past wounds.

For a free consultation session

call (770) 742-8842 or email

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

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