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Are you engaged and want to build a strong foundation before marriage?

Are you dating or married and interested in strengthening your relationship?

Does your marriage need a check-up to reignite romance and commitment?

Dr. Rorer is a Certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. PREPARE/ENRICH has served as an effective guide for helping couples prepare for marriage or enrich their relationship through taking the Prepare/Enrich assessment. 

Quick Facts

With almost 40 years of research validation, Prepare/Enrich has proven itself to be the

most trusted, comprehensive relationship assessment for couples at any stage of life.

The Prepare/Enrich assessment has been proven to decrease the risk of divorce by 30%.

(Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006)

The Prepare/Enrich assessment has been proven to increase relationship skills and


(Larson, J.H., Vatter, R.S., Galbraith, R.C., Holman, T.B. & Stahmann, R.F. (2007), Knutson, L. & Olson, D.H. (2003), Worthington, E.L., McCullough, M.E., Shortz, J.L., Mindes, E.J., Sandage, S.J. & Chartrand, J.M. (1995))


Prepare/Enrich and components of the assessment have been mentioned in over 1,200 peer reviewed journal articles, making it one of the most researched assessment tools.


The Prepare/Enrich worldwide network consists of over 125,000 Certified Facilitators from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions - from pastors to therapists to social workers to marriage mentors.


Over 4 million couples have taken the Prepare/Enrich assessment. For almost 40 years, Prepare/Enrich has provided Facilitators and couples with data-driven relationship insights that create clarity, focus, and a framework on which to build resilient relationships.


Developed out of a need to evaluate relationship program effectiveness, Prepare/Enrich has been propelled forward by the trifecta of theory, research, and practice, making it the most trusted and proven effective relationship assessment today.



About the Assessment

The dynamic assessment uncovers the specific strength and growth areas unique to each couple.

With the help of their Facilitator, couples build on their strengths giving them the confidence to work on their specific growth areas.

What makes Prepare/Enrich unique? Here are some key features:

  • Suitable for couples in all phases and stages of life

  • Customizes to each couple, making it dynamic and in depth

  • Proven effectiveness and accuracy, with incredibly high levels of alpha reliability
    and validity

  • Highlights strengths and uncovers opportunities for growth by measuring agreement and satisfaction across core and customized relationship topics

What does Prepare/Enrich assess?


  • The couple’s alignment on core areas such as communication and conflict resolution, as well as topics customized to their relationship phase and context

  • The impact of family of origin experiences on each partner’s perception of the couple relationship

  • Positive/negative feedback cycles affecting the relationship

  • Which relationship areas to focus on and which to build upon

  • Stress level of each partner

  • Key personality similarities and differences


With PREPARE/ENRICH you will: 

  • Identify your strengths as a couple and build new ones

  • Strengthen your communication skills

  • Comfortably discuss financial concerns

  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals

  • Explore family dynamics

  • Resolve conflicts and reduce stress

  • Understand and appreciate personality differences



Note: The Prepare/Enrich program is not therapy. The program is offered to couples. In addition, the program is suitable for groups of premarital and marital couples in a weekend workshop format. This may also be beneficial to churches and community organizations who would like to provide services to strengthen couple relationships.  

Premarital couples who complete 6 hours/sessions will receive a discount on their marriage license. 

For more information, visit

Please call today for additional information. (770) 742-8842

Bride and Groom

"The more time, energy, and commitment you put into your relationship, the stronger it will be." Dr. Jenn Mann

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